Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A harsh solution?

The members of the Brigham & Cowans Club in my hometown of South Shields have found an effective solution to the menace of smokers.

They imprison them.

As soon as they arrive at the Club, they are rounded up and herded into a special jail which has been purpose-built on the side of the building. Here they are kept until closing time, when they are released to inflict themselves again upon the world.

Personally, I find this solution to be a little harsh. After all, I was a smoker myself once, when I was young and foolish.


Tandleman said...

Doesn't look to me as though it complies with the law on these structures!

YCC - Dubbel said...

Splendid idea! They should roll these out nationwide. At least it stops the petulant outlaws from standing 6 inches outside the door and blowing their smoke back inside. (Also an evangelistic ex pub smoker)

On second thoughts, why not cage everyone who visits horrific town centre bars on a Friday night? Would save the police some time come 2am.

papastonch said...

I agree with you, Tandleman, but I guess they MUST have had planning permission....surely...they must..?