Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Boon of the "Spoon"

I can never understand why so many real-ale drinkers disparage Wetherspoons. True, they are a "chain" pub (a great sin in many people's eyes), but the company is based on the soundest of principles: i.e to give good value in an old-fashioned conversation-friendly atmosphere.

My local "Spoon" at South Shields, The William Wouldhave, always has at least four real ales on tap and there is no "music", piped or otherwise, to drown out conversation. I notice that, recently, T.V screens have crept in, but the sound is turned off. Having emerged hoarse from shouting over the din which passes for music in some bars, I find it a great boon to be able to hold a peaceful conversation with friends while I enjoy excellent beer in a clean and friendly environment.

In a future article, I intend to write a full, illustrated, appreciation of the Wouldhave. Watch this space.

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david said...

I strongly agree with your opinion (having come over here from Stonch's post). I love my local Wetherspoons (Tollgate, Turnpike Lane, London) for the same reasons - it always has a good range of ales, served quickly and efficiently, and is just generally a pleasant place to spend time with friends and family.

One major problem that many members of the ale loving community seem to have is related to the size of most Wetherspoons (not just its status as a chain)!

As such it is not really fair to compare a Wetherspoons location to (insert the name of your local real ale heaven here). Compared to other pubs of similar size, I think Wetherspoons comes out far, far ahead, at least in my own experience. I can't think of ANY large scale pub that I like that is not a Wetherspoons.

It's also going to be hard to effectively manage the number of staff necessary to keep a good-sized pub running efficiently (especially given the level of staff turnover I expect you get).