Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Beer Party?

I have just received my ballot paper for the European Elections (how I wish we could get out of the damn' thing, then we would have less exploiticians and less bother voting) and was startled to see how many parties were fielding candidates. Really, we are fast becoming a Banana Republic!
I was a little disappointed, however, to find that there was no Beer Party candidate standing. If there is such a party I hereby offer myself as a candidate for future elections.
My manifesto, if elected, is to try all beers throughout Europe (at taxpayers' expense) and send back reports via this blog to the beer-drinking public.


Tandleman said...

I'll be your agent!

papastonch said...

O.K, I will accept.
You can also do my gardening and I will pay you £17,000 from public funds.

Jeffrey said...

The Czechs used to have a political party devoted to beer and pubs - "Friends of Beer" - but now I think it's stopped running in elections and has reorganised as a consumer body (like CAMRA). It runs a few pubs in Prague, such as The Black Ox up by the castle (I took you there). In those pubs the prices are kept low so workmen in the city centre can still afford to drink in nice pubs.

papastonch said...

Right, that's the party for me! I shall persuade them to stand again in the Euro elections, so that I can get big licks of expenses.
(I think that I remember that bar near the castle, by the way. Happy days, gone but not forgotten).