Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Eclectic 'Spoon

One of the things I like best about Wetherspoons is their eclectic taste in their choice of premises.

In the ancient market town of Hexham, for instance, the local 'Spoon is housed in an old cinema, The Forum. Many of the old cinema's features have been retained, such as the split-level floor leading down from the former foyer, and I imagine it is quite a nostalgic trip for some of the older folks who visit the pub.
Anyway, I notice that it is often packed in the afternoon with senior citizens. No doubt they are enjoying a sort of "race memory" ritual of the matinee!

In Durham, the 'Spoon is the Water House, an historic building which was once the headquarters of the Weardale & Shildon Water Company. There is a plaque on the wall commemorating the fact and a lively pub it was indeed when I visited it recently.

In the bar, there was a big party of deaf people (sorry if this term is no longer "politically correct" - I am constantly being bollicked by my sons on this subject) and it was very interesting to watch them signing. I've never seen such a quiet argument and what amused me most was that everyone seemed to be "talking" at once. Mind you, I think that everyone was "listening" too!

I sat back and enjoyed two excellent pints, Black Moss and 5th Anniversary from the High House Brewery of Matfen, Northumberland. Both went down a treat and I would recommend these brews to anyone. In fact, I must get up into Northumberland as soon as possible to hunr down any other brews that this little "cottage brewery" produces.
A real treat to look forward to!


Beer Blokes said...

G'day Papastonch,
Have fond memories of a wedding attended by a large group of 'hearingly differentiated but otherwise normalised' people and had fun picking u some of the signs. It's amazing how many 'signs' are universally understod - especially where beer is involved. Instead of applauding after speeches, as they would not hear it, these guys would raise both arms in the air and wiggle all their fingers! I kept telling gags all night jus to see them clap!
Prof. Pilsner

papastonch said...

'Fraid that I couldn't understand a word, but it was great fun to watch!

Stonch said...

In no way is "deaf" incorrect. No one would suggest it is.

Indeed the only offensive thing is your use of the expression "political correctness", a figment of the Daily Mail reader's fetid imagination.

Today the newsagent slipped a couple of right wing papers into out bundle. He's been doing it quite a bit recently. To make a point I ripped them up in front of him before grabbing two extra Guardians.

He obviously felt guilty - or perhaps just scared - because he did me a good deal on a couple of bags of Haribo later in the day.