Thursday, 31 July 2008

Emperor's New Clothes

I've just got back from The Wouldhave, my local Wetherspoons, where I had a couple of pints of Titanic Red Ensign, a lovely dark beer with excellent body and a sweetish, rich taste. And, furthermore, it cost only £1.69p a pint!

Of course, if I was a true "real ale" officiado, I could have despised my local 'Spoon and drank a far inferior pint at twice the price at one of the "true" real ale pubs in my home town.

Sometimes when I read and hear the remarks of some members of the real-ale fraternity, I wonder if I'm on the same planet. What is it that some people have got against Wetherspoons - or any other chain pub, for that matter? If the place serves good beer at a very good price, why should it be shunned and despised?

The picture which accompanies this rant is that of an emperor wearing his most wonderful clothing.


Beer Blokes said...


Sorry for the delay in responding to your kind words left in response to my comments relating to the comments on the comments on Stonch's blog. I think that makes sense. Anyway, appreciate the sentiment and have, as a result, stumbled across your work. What an amazing concept! I look forward to 'joining you' on many more virtual walks - and many more pints - in the future!

Prof. Pilsner

Tandleman said...

I don't think CAMRA has much against JDW at all. I don't know the exact number, but certainly around 150+ of their outlets are in the Good Beer Guide, so maybe you are aiming your rant at the wrong target. I for one have written before defending them (and attacking them too when needed.) It is a case of some good, some bad - like most pubs really.

There are some snobbish elements that look down on them because they sell cheap beer to, as they see it, the great unwashed. These are the people that "shun and despise", not CAMRA.

I'll probably be in one later today in Manchester!

papastonch said...

You are right. I have amended my rant.

Stonch said...

Yes, Tandleman is right. CAMRA gives support to Wetherspoons - and they're right to do so. The fact I dislike 'Spoons pubs is a personal thing, but there's no doubting that they're responsible for selling a LOT of real ale. CAMRA is about promoting real ale and ensuring it's widely available now and in the future - they have a narrow focus, and rightly so.

Small brewers grumble about the low prices they're willing to pay for the beer, but ultimately it drives up volumes and helps get microbrewed beers "out there".