Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Three Days in Paradise

Apparently the people who turned up at the legendary Tan Hill Inn for a New Year bash were unfortunate enough to get snowed in. They were "stuck" there for three days at the highest pub in Britain and had to make the best of it. The manager charged them ten pounds a night (what a bargain!) to doss down in the pub and roaring fires were kept going twenty four hours of the day. The picture shows the fire they keep going in the summer (it's necessary, believe me) in the barn-end room.
Each day, volunteers went out with the manager to dig out and service the generator.

And, despite their best efforts, he didn't run out of beer! I cannot think of a better "misfortune".


SheyMouse said...

Three days enforced stay in a pub... where do I sign up. :-)

Grant said...

I am with SheyMouse

javediqbal said...
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