Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Lingering Aura

I gave up adding to this blog over 4 months ago. I decided that it was a waste of time as I was only getting 30 or 40 hits a day and the number was not growing. Since then, I have been amazed to see that I still get roughly the same number of hits each day, even though I have added nothing.
Is it a sort of "lingering aura" as I fade into the distance?
Or could it be that the "statcounter" device is untrue and gives a blog a "false floor" to sustain it?


Scoats said...

Well I always read you blog when there was a new post. I read via RSS feed in Google Reader, but I don't know if or where that counts.

ennislaw said...

Being across the Pond, I was delighted to discover your blog only to see it come to a standstill in November. I think there is more interest than you realize, although I, also, follow your blog via the RSS feed but hope you will continue your endeavor.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed about your blog is the photos you post are available in a viewable enlargement with a double-click.

SheyMouse said...

You will always get a few people coming to your blog on a daily basis. Depending on your stat counter you can usually tell where they're coming from - one of my blogs gets people coming to discover the euro sign on a keyboard.
Beer, walks, and history are three quite powerful words for searching. Particularly the first two. Finally, your son has a link to your blog on his site. People will click through from there.

On a personal note, it's a shame you gave up. I really enjoyed your entrys. I now keep up with most blogs through my RSS reader too and am not sure how that works the stats.

Tandleman said...

I liked it too!

papastonch said...

It's nice to know that some people liked my ramblings. Maybe in the summer, when I get out walking in the countryside (with inevitable stops at pubs along the way), I will find time to resume the blog.